Birth Assisting & Postpartum

Birth Assisting & Postpartum

Angela is available for birth assisting services and postpartum checks for you and your baby in partnership with your Midwife. Birth assisting must be approved with your Midwife and is a case by case basis.

Postpartum checks will also need to be approved through your Midwife. Checks may include vital signs, fundal and lochia check, evaluation of perineum if appropriate, assessment of chest/breasts and feeding, full physical assessment, and wellbeing for you. For your infant, it can include vital signs, full physical assessment, feeding evaluation, PKU screening, and Critical Congenital Heart Defects screening. A full lactation consult can be added to these services.

All information will be sent to your Midwife and payment will be determined with your Midwife. If you would like to hire Riverside Collective, LLC for birth assisting or postpartum, please call or email!


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